How to improve your SEO by using Google analytics.

How to improve your seo by using google analytics
How to improve your seo by using google analytics
Hello everyone, we all are looking for money by doing lots of freelancing work online, Most of us are choose to setup their carrier in blogging.

Blogging is very interesting and popular topic these days specially for those who are born writer and have the ability to write about anything on that particular topic in which you have fully knowledge and you want to express your feelings, positive or negative things so You should try blogging, It seems not easy to start a blog and start earning by writing and submitting few post on your blog. 

  • For getting money you have to use Google analytics,It will tell you so many things about your website performance just like:

  •          No of user visited per day

  •          Your blog get views from which device

  •          How much traffic hits to your blog

  •          Where and how long did they spend time on your particular post or blog.

Google analytics
Google analytics

All these rules are important to note down or analyze weekly or go through daily  for improve you blog seo fastly.

·         Types of search like directly from Google, face book or hitting your blog name directly over WEB.

If you are ready to start your carrier in blogging field and you are totally confused that how you write, think and how you are getting views and traffic etc. so pls read  this blog in this I was already mentioned that how to get an idea of writing post.

So here I come with my topic”Google analytics “ You all heard about that term and most of them who are in blogging field are using Google analytics to improve your seo or you can see how much traffic of visitors on your blog hit daily or monthly, you didn’t need any extension to add on, You have to just use Google analytics play their important role to improve your seo of your blog over internet. It is one of the powerful tools to implement seo on your blog/website.  In this post I will tell you the few guides to improve your blog seo by using this.

·         Think about Keyword- In your blog first you have to think about your keyword that shows your post topic or what are you and for which purpose do you write. You should always take a special and friendly keyword that is related to you topic and the users can also understood easy and simple to understand your post by its keyword name.

·         Lets search something- In your post  try to use Google search console  option , by using this you post will get organic traffic that means  it improve you search performance on directly Google, It play a major role for improving seo  of your blog over internet.

·         Go for  landing pages-  At last I will tell you to about organic search on your page, it will improve your seo and your impression also, Let’s take an example  to understand better

Suppose your blog is having 1000 views per day and bounce rate is 50 %, so it doesn’t mean that you are a good blogger and that enough for you, You should have to see that from 1000 views, how many are organic because it is more important to get organic view instead of getting normal views by refreshing page again & again , It will also affect you blog impression and bounce rate also increase so this is not so good for you blog. 

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