How to get traffic to your blog?

How to get traffic to your blog?

How to get traffic to your blog?

How to get traffic to your blog?

Hi everyone, today would like to discuss that How to get traffic to your blog for staring your  income from a blog by getting traffic toward your blog, your views will be increased and as much as organic search is increased so it is good for your blog.

We always wondering about a successful blog that having good traffic and a decent engagement of users towards the post in the blog. But the important thing is how we can get lots of traffic to your website by using SEO.

SEO (Search engine optimization): This is a very popular and common term in the field of blogging. This is used by the user to improve his page rank in Google search or used to optimize your blog. Let me give a short example to better understand SEO.
Suppose you have a website/blog over the internet and you are using it for 1 month and if you are search something about a topic and that the particular topic is already mentioned in your website, so it is supposed to be in the search page when you are searching that particular keyword or we can follow few tricks to get on google search index and on a better page rank over Google search.

So lets take a look on below steps and understand How to get traffic to your blog
Keyword analyzation : This is very important and useful for any blogger who have just started their carrier in blogging line and if they were interesting to continue his website/blog so he should focus on keywords.

·        It means what topic should the audience generally Search?

·        What is the trending topic these days?

·        Is your keyword unique and must be user friendly?

·        Find your keyword in keyword planner tool that inform about the keyword to be used in your website

2   Write useful and valuable content:   For any blogger, its first choice or we say the useful term is its “Content”. Whenever we write a blog so How our blog looks like and how much views get our post, So this is the 2nd thing but the main part is to maintain quality of content or unique content.

·   Write proper and accurate content

·        Your content should be plagiarism free( unique content not copied from anywhere)

·        Always find a trending topic which is in demand, so its content is readable and valuable too.

3   A memorable headline for the post:  When you are writing a blog, so your headline would be your king or we say the headline is the first the impression of attracting users towards your blog, so your blog must be:

·        User-friendly to anyone

·        A genuine headline with trending search over internet

·        Your headline should be also used in your blog description as much as needed.

4  Sites should be responsive:  Your website should be responsive to see, it plays a major role while getting traffic toward your blog. Its good to use this type of site because they have a unique appearance than others.

·        A website should be supported or clearly visible in laptop/pc as well as on mobile also.

·       It shows a good reputation for your website

·        It seems good and attractive to watch responsive website, it's compatible in the mobile, laptop, etc, I,e was easily seen by anyone from anywhere

5  Make backlink:   If you are running a website then you must have to create backlink in your website/blog. It means in a post you are mention any topic that is also available in another post of your blog, so you can create a backlink to get more views or traffic. 

  • At least create 2 backlinks in a single post
  •  Useful to drive traffic toward your website
  • Good to have this on our website to develop more clicks.

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