How to download youtube videos for free

How to download youtube videos for free

How to download youtube videos for free

Hey guys we all are loved to listen  music and watching videos on   YouTube, it is a very popular website/app available for all with a huge content. There are millions of videos available in this app according to the user need.

YouTube is a platform where you can spend your time easily by watching so many videos like funny, action, horror or any new movie trailer, etc. But sometimes we think to download videos from youtube because it is not possible to surf the video every time.  So that time we imagine that if we download videos from YouTube, so its great for all of us and we will watch offline any show, season, movie in future

   Here are few tips that let you download videos from youtube  at free of cost, so mostly you can do this with the help of software

1       YoutubeMate: This is one  of the famous and popular software to download youtube videos totally free and with good quality.

You should follow a few steps to download

·       Install youtube Mate software in your laptop.pc where you want to download and store your video.
·         After installing you might seen a warning msg, so no need to worry just click “OK” and proceed forward.
·         After successfully install, you have to search the video that you want to download and after that click on (Red) download button  with different types of quality according to your requirements.

2     4k Video Downloader:   This is also free and popular software to watch youtube videos offline by downloading videos. It is supported on 32 as well as on 64 bit.

To download videos and watch them in the future you must follow these basic steps:
           Download this software from below given link and install it as per your pc configuration or space where you want to install it.
·         Now after installation, you have to find out the video which you want to download from youtube, so just select its URL from the URL tab and paste it.
·         After that, they asked you to download this video so click on download option with lots of quality available like mp4, HD,720, 1820 etc as per your requirement.
4k Video Downloader

These are two common ways and we all are very well known of this, But can you imagine if you will be able to download videos without using any software. So Is it possible to download without any software?

So here is my last & final trick for all of you to download videos from youtube without having any software, so here are few steps to be followed.

  Ø Firstly you have to open and search what type of video you want to download

  Ø Then by clicking on that particular video you have to edit ss” word before YouTube in your URL.

  Ø Then hit on it and it redirects you to the download page where you can also select its quality or format to download

 This is one of the cool tricks to download without any software, so enjoy now to download your videos free and instant without any problem.

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