Best WordPress Plugins for 2020 -Must have this for a website to improve its rank on Google.

Best   WordPress  Plugins  for  2020 -Must have this for a website to improve its rank on Google.

 Best   WordPress  Plugins  for  2020

Best   WordPress  Plugins  for  2020

Hey Folks, We all are working in Wordpress and most of us are running their blog with the help of Wordpress. But How many of you are known about its tools which are very helpful for extending its functionality and also help the user to promote their blog and be professional.

 In this post, I will discuss some WordPress plugins for 2020, that you must have to be used in your website for proper analysis on your website. By adding these plugins your website will work smoothly and its functionality will improve too.

Although the type/niche determined what plugin you should have to use to your website, so here you come in a right place where I will tell you that plugins which are very essential for any WordPress blog. There are around 55,000 Wordpress plugin available in the market to use which generally finishes your half work. It good to listen that we have plenty of plugins as per our requirement, so let us take a look on few plugins shortly with their functions.

Ø Best plugin  for SEO that every user has on your website

·         Yoast SEO(free to use)  When you are running a website you always want to rank your website on a decent position on Google search.  This is a really fantastic tool that monitor your website carefully and its provide guidance to the user to improve his writing skills, about the content to write and it main focus is always on content, because content  play a crucial key role to improve your ranking on google search. 

Yoast SEO
Yoast SEO

Ø  Best plugin for analytics on your website

·        Google analytics(free to use)  When you have a website on WordPress then  you  also have to monitor on that website like how its work, Where it gets traffic, from which location etc. So that great news for all bloggers that actually, we have a website “Google Analytics” by this tool we can monitor completely about the traffic comes from your website.

                    By adding this plugin to your website you can see real-time stats  which tells you about the actual traffic or we can say how many viewers have seen  or engaged in your website, so this is the best tool to check how much traffic is there and you can also trap the user location who view your post.

Google analytic
Google analytic

Ø  Best security plugin for your website

·        Wordfence security(free of cost)  We all have working on WordPress website and we think that we are working hard on this, but can we actually do that?  , This means writing post is not enough for any user but the crucial task is to secure their website from malicious bots, spams and  any types of threats which can  cause harm to our website, so we don’t need to worry bcoz we have a tool “Wordfence security”.
Wordfence security
Wordfence security
    Its features are as follows:

1.     Deep scanning of the website
2.     Provide firewall protection
3.     Block unwanted  users
4.     Login security with live traffic monitoring of your website

Ø Best plugin for performance & optimization of the website

·        WP SMUSH(free to use)    We all have a dream that our website is load fastly over internet without any issue or we can say we just click on it or it open, so this is possible when our website load is as much as fast  so this tool is helpful to load fastly and open your website quickly. Mostly a website is heavy due to lots of images in it and we know very well that images are an attractive part of any website, we cant avoid to insert images but we can compress with the help of WP SMUSH tool to smaller sizes.


   If you are using these tools so pls share your experience in the comment box.

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